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God is not responsible for Evil. 

The sinful choices of creatures do not implicate God in evil in any way.

Deuteronomy 30:15 - 19

Jesus taught that even to look at another person with lust violates the commandment of adultery. 

The new testament permits divorce in some cases. 

Out of love God hates divorce because it severs what he has joined. It causes immeasurable pain and destroys families.


That is from the Anglican Catechism. 



One of the drummers at Faith United Methodist was hospitalized. He had a stroke/seizure. I called and left a message telling them I can drum one Sunday a month until Mark gets back to it. He has to rest until Christmas. He can't drive for 6 months.   

Morning and Evening 

The Daily Office is primarily designed for corporate prayer but it can also be used by individuals in public or private. Asking for absolution once in the morning and once in the evening  is something that is a necessary practice for people in projects to do to stay successful.    

Father Carl from Anglican Church of the Holy Spirit has called three times now to remind me about the newcomers class. Its at 9am every Sunday. I need to go. My plan is wake up the 28th a 39 year old, put on cackies and a tie, take a Adderall pill, and go to the church and pay attention, bring my catechism book for Anglicans. There will be communion with Wine. That is the plan. I need clean clothes and my meds before it would feel right. I am going to say the 28th I am going to the New Comers class.

Methodose being cradled in a church 

My Roth IRA


  • AS OF 13-JUL-2024

    12:55:48 PM ET

My goal is I want to start accumulating enough to put 6k in this a year. 

I'll just talk about it. When we were kids we were in over our heads on what we could get away with it. The night of my car accident I had been having a nervous break down because what I intended to be faithful was far from it on both sides and that illegal alien had been following us around for a while. When he hit me we both ended up in the hospital. I lost organs. He was deported. I am so glad that when Michelle's family tried to drive us to divorce the only thing I was addicted to was cigarettes. That is why what they were doing couldn't overtake me because there was nothing illegal to catch me in the act in. I am smokeless since Nov. 6th 2018.  Addiction problems separated all of my friends I grew up with. Alcohol is treated differently in the Anglican church opposed to Methodist. What will make us strong again as a band is that an Anglican Priest has the authority by God to absolve your sins. We would be happy guys being all legally married and just being a band that practices on a routine at our drummer Eric's house.

Michelle and I are going to be able to go to Coheed and Cambria Sept 5th at the Hard Rock. My Dad gets free tickets to the hard rock.

I'll be honest I am looking for a different job at a register in a store. I applied at Bass Pro Shop. I am going to try Dollar Tree too. The percentage rate of new small businesses closing after one year is very high. The Methodose L.L.C. has spent $922.00 so far on having this website in the year I have been building it since I took my Berklee Online class. The four of us have to make sure we work and we don't enter into something we can't afford. Ill tell you right now everyone of Bubs bands problems is that they tried to get a building to practice in. There are bands that can afford stuff like that. Bubs bands problem was they got a building before they even made their first dollar as a band.

I want a job that I can be comfortable with. I will tell you as far as this L.L.C. goes once we regroup and we are functioning I would have enough going on to where it wouldn't be unsafe to go and talk my way through to SSI giving me $1,200 a month for disability income. If I got that turned on at age 39 and I lived until 100 it would give me $880k for a life time. Because of the injuries I had when I had my wreck when I was a kid I can qualify if I have to.

Honestly my Dad worked a life time. What I am thinking about is taking my amphetamine as prescribed and start getting some practices going at my house. Work towards making some money as a L.L.C. I would prefer that Methodose L.L.C. doesnt have to identify has disabled owned.

What I am waiting on to commit to another 12 weeks of a Berklee Online class is I need progress to be made on Methodose having a practice schedule and all of us have the tools we need to write a new album. I guess I'll say I don't feel like paying one thousand bucks for a class at a college that teaches you how to play in a band at a professional level when things as far as Methodose goes is "dead" I asked Bub to come write some on our birthday, We have a guest room. We can stay up late and write riffs if he wants.

There is 210 openings they are hiring for at the new Reasors at 121st and Aspen. I am going to work on getting an interview there. I have been a cashier at Reasors twice before.


My drum teacher I grew up with isn't teaching in Tulsa anymore. He has opened his second store in the Tahlequah area. What I will say about Berklee Online is I don't want to do it alone. Since Bub's son has graduated high school now if Bub worked on a home recording set up and we networked about school daily, we were eating dinners at each others houses, someone else was in Berklee Online too from Methodose L.L.C. then I could see signing up for another Semester. How it is now I just need signatures and drivers licenses from all four of us. We should all four do Berklee Online! 


This is what is left from the two Methodose releases I packaged that Eric Clark pulled of from the audio of Jorges 2001 videos. I sent a copy to a record store to each city where a person from the Berklee Online class I tried lives to ask about consignment at a record store in each city. 

Once all 3 members email me about their gear and profile. I need cell numbers for Evan and Jed and I need all 3 of your addresses. For our host to set this up to where it's 4 terminals and it has a info hub they need cell number and addresses. Also I will go to the post office and mail all 3 of you a copy of each of these when I get your addresses.

There are the two Methodose Vinyl's I have had printed. There is probably 2 of each for sale at Star Ship Records and Tapes in Tulsa. 

I wouldn't try to spend the money to try and profit selling vinyl's again unless Methodose was at a point to where it was formed and organized. It costs $35.00 to get one printed from Kunaki. 


We like doing Picnics at Woodward Park!


Drum Mics


Whenever I got my Tascam pocket studio Michelle bought me my first kit of drum mics. I have 8 pieces on my kit so to mic each drum individually I bought a second higher end kit. It works well for home recording using my Shure SM57 and Shure SM54 for over head mics for recording drum tracks. Then where Eric Clark uses Studio One in an apartment where he is going to be able to afford and keep. He has kept a job at Walmart for 15 years. Micing up my drums and mixing them for home recording is a two-person job. That is our little Doom Fish ENT system of recording drums at my house.


Bub - amp

Be transportable-be mobile. From my Perspective Bub's Fender is his own nice Primary Guitar. I am really fond of the Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Combo amps. You should earn 1k and buy a nice combo amp. If we used my P.A. for private parties people would take us more seriously if I bought a sub woofer to go along with the 2 speakers on stands. My Mixer has floor monitor outs, controls for the outs, and a sub woofer out.


I have a direct box, where a xlr cord will go to the mixer and you can plug an acoustic or electric bass into it and run it through the P.A.

I know I saw how Jed bought his acoustic guitar. I know Bub has an acoustic Electric. This is the only direct box I have but I do have one if we want to run a acoustic through the P.A.


I turn 39 July 24th.  My primary instrument is a 8 piece Mapex Armory Drum Kit. I entertain the idea that eventually I will play the drums in a group of people where I would be able to handle my monthly bills by paying gigs. I entertain that idea but also to make sure I can always have something to fall back on when I put time into a project and it doesn't work is I did a 9 month Pharmacy Technology Diploma. That is how I got hired for all of my U/A collector jobs and I suspect that my current job at Bios probably wouldn't happen if I did  have gone through a college program at a vocational medical school.

For everyone involved. To get content to me that regards the construction of this website email me at

- Eric Johnson

There was a time in America when you could be Grandfathered into being a Pharmacist and it didn't require medical school and becoming a Doctor. There was a time when cocaine was in sodas in Pharmacies in America. But in the year 2024 where people are cooking meth in houses and cocaine is extremely illegal now how illegal drugs makes people unemployable but also the way they are with their guns makes me not even interested on working with them on things like Vacations. You can't let people like that mess with your money. It's more than annoying. Its more like I wouldn't invite them to my house because I am afraid they would bring illegal drugs into something that has cost my Parents couple hundred thousand dollars to get to where we are at.

My Dad has a client that he buys houses from the courthouse that are in weird situations and then he sells them for a profit. My first house became owned with a 70k transaction. To own the property we live in now it cost my Dad 145k. If you look on a google search of the progress of what this house looks like since we bought it we have done so much work on it. New Roof, Paint Job.

My Parents live in the neighborhood a couple blocks away. My Dad is going to retire with half a million, two houses paid off, and Pension - SSI which will give him 7k a month until he dies. He is in his 70s. He doesnt smoke.

When my Grandpa died and my Grandma went to a home to be comfortable she made the decision to tare down their house. That Army Airforce house isnt there anymore. It kept flooding.

I don't plan on moving again. I want to take the house my Dad bought me to its fullest potential.

In the event of a divorce there will be a replacement but the third time your debt will be really hard to fix. The equation we have come to where my Dad is only going to keep going at New York Life for another year it would be hard to afford to move again. Michelle and I need to learn to both keep jobs and it go for 30 years. We are set up to have careers. When you get really old you have to be careful of debt because debt will kill you if you are to old to work.

Eric's College Diploma

When getting a 2024 Truck I always think about selling our Camry and putting a fishing boat in the second space of our garage instead of having two vehicles.

I always talk myself out of it though. For two people to have two separate jobs of paid employment in a Marriage, it would be impossible to have two jobs that has responsibilities, with just one vehicle between two people. With both of us being able to hold good jobs that isn't fictitious places of employment our Marriage will be able to afford to keep 2 vehicles that aren't jalopies in good condition and we will also be able to afford to keep one kid in a safe vehicle ongoing so we can raise a son to know how to work, provide, and gather for his significant other when it comes time for me to buy a house for my son like the Bible explains a Father needs to do. Adoption would be a beautiful thing. I have lived it my whole life.

My Grandfather obviously had a gun. He made the start of his money by being a Sargeant in the Army Airforce in WW2. His house in Watseka Illinois was just one story. It was on an acre and the driveway was really long, black asphalt. There was a huge American Flag pole in the front Yard Acre. He was stationed on Aircraft Carriers in the Indian Ocean "India" during WW2 keeping China in Check from WW2 going further than it did.


My Dad and the best Man at his wedding were both Business Majors at Illinois State University in the Early 60s. Both of them raised both of their families without guns in their house. I had a bee bee gun when I was I kid but that is the only gun I have ever shot and a duck hunt gun on old school Nintendo NES.


With the idea of adopting one kid and bringing them into our marriage I will take the same approach by not having a gun in my house. Heaven is where home is. There will never be another World War. When the second World War was over the Governments, World Powers of the world put a system in place where World War will never happen again. There is 10 police officers that live in mine and my Parent's neighborhoods. We live in a safe part of town.


I have a nice pocket knife I take when I go fishing and that is it. 

Eric's Poles

High School, I wrote songs for Coldplay, Jason Mraz, Sister Hazel etc.

This photo was taken in 2002

My kit 2024
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