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Eric and his Mapex 8 Piece Armory Kit


         My name is Eric Johnson. I have been Married since 2012. I graduated with A Pharmacy Technology Diploma from C.C.C after finishing high school from a Illinois Correspondence program for kids to be able to do their high school raising from home. I was in the Jenks Public School music program for a hour each day of school until the end of my Freshman year of high school in 2001. Since the Summer after 8th Grade I have taken Lessons on the kit from Jeffrey Jones. Also when I was in Middle school J.J. McCallister was who gave me my first kit lessons when I was starting percussion in the 6th grade and my Mom got me my first TKO drum kit. JJ was in a really chill Broken Arrow local band called Ester Drang. I have done a 12 week Semester through Berklee Online. Yoron Isreal was my Drum Set Professor. Not thinking straight at a Berklee level had to do with a lot of things. The balance of my band being put back to "functioning" needed to happen first. Also not being able to think straight enough to do it at a college level was also because I was so far away from earning enough money from a job where I could handle my monthly bills on my own.


I was one of the first open adoptions in 1985. My Biological Grandfather started Pizza World. My Dad delivered Pizzas for him in the 60s when he was in the dorms at ISU. Pizza World is a Franchise now kind of like how McDonald's is too. You can buy a Pizza World the way it's set up. He made Tommy and Christine put me up for adoption because Tommy was a Freshman in high school when Christine got pregnant.

On my original birth certificate my name was Jonathon Ahlers. My Parents changed my name when they adopted me. If you look on our blog since my Great Grandfather, to my Grandfather, to my Father, to Myself. Our 4 full names is pretty much Algebraic equation.


My Mom wanted me to be a drummer when she brought me home. My Parents have always been really supportive about how I want to be committed to it and learn how to play my instrument really well.


I find it interesting reading the Apocrypha story and everything it says about Jonathon in Maccabees. 

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My Gear

I play Mapex Drums and use Sabian Cymbal. My P.A. system is Behringer. 

I own both a Shure and a Digital Reference drum mic kit. I also have a Shure SM 57 and a Shure SM 54.

I think of my Desk Top Xylophone as what I like to work on secondary from my kit. If I was at a point where I could afford to own an office practice space outside of my house for Methodose, eventually I would like to graduate owning a Marimba. That is unrealistic now. There isn't enough room for something that big for the space my equipment occupies now. I spent some time in private percussion at a community college and relived, brushed up, on how I was taught to understand it in middle school.


There is a lot a people I grew up with where if they called me and said I want to get together with you and Michelle and do something positive I would be open ears.


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