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My primary instrument is a Fretless 4 string Warwick Bass. I don't have a secondary instrument in the Methodose project. I am the only one that is going to be performing bass in this project. Eric feels that it will be more organized if we don't play musical chairs back and forth on the matter. Once I find a job in a radio station in Tulsa or the Surrounding areas at the point of being on a routine of work, family, and band practice. I admit it would make me a stronger musician if I did course work through Berklee Online. Eric has explained that it will benefit us if we, as a band, are all involved with that University / College. It is at our Countries point, where the I.R.S. was founded. It's designed to where if we all get through it we will have no problem convincing our Marriages that playing in a band has a future. 

My job I got after graduating Tulsa Broadcasting School was at z 104.5 the Edge in Tulsa. My radio name was Evil Evan. I was on air there when Eric was in Middle School. I keep thinking I could find a job in radio that would keep my life balanced to situate money for raising daughters and being legally married. I don't think talk radio but I am willing to dive into other genres of music to broadcast on air if it meant I would have a stable Tulsa Job and I could afford to take care of my family by working in radio and practicing on a routine with Methodose L.L.C.

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