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​I have a Technology College Degree. I have two boys and a daughter. My Wife's name is Amy.

You know what I was thinking about? Now that Methodose is filed with the State as a L.L.C. Yes it would be exciting to get Berklee Degrees, build a sound proofed room in Eric and Michelle's backyard big enough for all of our equipment including a full scaled Marimba. The main thing I was thinking is now that the four of us have a code from the IRS for our band's bank account and if we hire for jobs for Methodose L.L.C. we have to at least pay them hourly minimum wage. Now that paying minimum wage will be filed by September 2024 I keep thinking about how we could write opuses for Movies and we could put together a 4 or 5 member choir for an entire group of songs and we would write them pay checks for the hours they work for us.

    My Gear

    Vocal Mic - Shure SM 57

    Acoustic Guitar - I bought an Estaban Guitar to try and start working at it. I am going to upgrade to a higher end concert acoustic model with the idea of working more on it with Bub and also trying to pass things through Berklee Online regarding it as long as it doesn't interfere with my work schedule.

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