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Eric's Dog Meke

I adopted a Lab for CCC graduation volunteer hours in 2009 when Michelle and I weren't Married but she did live in the Greeley house with me before we broke up for 2 years and then she moved back and we had a small private wedding. Her cousin Zach was there suit and tie. He sells houses. It made sense for how broke we all were because he lives in Texas. His date to our wedding they got Married, they have kids, she graduated college and she is a teacher. So Zeke died.

He lived in our new house with us for probably 5 years. I put together another $300.00 and we adopted Meke from Lab Rescue. The way he looks and how he acts when we let him go free and he goes into the woods and creek. It seems like he has German Shepard in him.

Meke is therapy for me loosing Zeke. Zeke was my angel. He was responsibility I took on that made me think straight that said I have to obey laws because I have to take care of this dog and I can't do it from jail.

Meke is 3 years old now. He is a big old boy isn't he? I am convinced that eventually he will catch a fish in the creek in our neighborhood. Haikey Creek goes through our neighborhood.

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