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Methodose L.L.C. letter head thoughts.

I am just sitting here July 3rd. I worked today. When I went to buy groceries I bought a 4 pack of Guinness and Michelle and I $40.00 worth of fireworks. I got my computer back today. I paid Eric Clark some money to make me a Star of David Methodose bass drum graphic. He said he doesnt feel comfortable making a image like that for Methodose how we are now. So! I decided since I mailed him 5 bucks to do that I can ask him over to help me figure out how to install the printer software into my laptop.

7/4/2024 is the date Methdose L.L.C. is being delivered to where its official. We as a group, 4 members, are now an L.L.C. We need to work towards having jobs with paychecks because there is some stuff like I have explained where we need to file it with my bank and we need to file it with the State with our 4 drivers licenses so there isn't a question we are a working band trying earn money legally and if and when we do it will will affect the 4 owners taxes.

Me getting my printer working is just a step to where we will be "functioning" with jobs. Our work will prevent us from going broke.

-Eric Johnson

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