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Methodose L.L.C. work load to make State filing correct

Methadose is a Prescription drug. Methodose is not. Our slogan is

"It's our method of music and we are giving people a dose of it"

To file Methodose L.L.C. with the State it cost about $150.00. I used legal zoom.

The first thing that Methodose needs to make is a ownership agreement. We will scan in Evan's, Jed's, Delaney's, and Eric's drivers licenses into our L.L.C. profile on legal zoom. I have a code from the IRS to open a business bank account for Methodose L.L.C. the code cost $70.00. We are going to make our business bank account at We Street Credit Union. When I give them the code they will also file the ownership agreement at the bank offices.

Every year we have to file a ownerships status.

When they delivered the L.L.C. to my home address I basically have to file something with a business network that if the "owners" of Methodose L.L.C. hire someone for a job we have to at least pay them minimum wage. I have until September to make $150.00 from my Bios paychecks so I can file that.

I find it important that all four members of our band have a job. That way if our L.L.C. makes money we can just keep it in our bank account and move onto the next project of making money with it.

-Drummer Methodose L.L.C.

Eric Johnson

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