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My tithing system

When I quit smoking I had dental insurance. I knew I had to go address it with a dentist about how I smoked cigarettes the entire time the 7 years I owned my first house. I always used antiseptic my Dad pounding me about completing a college program. I got State funded meds the whole time I was getting my Pharmacy Technology degree. I never went to the dentist. I never did illegal drugs but I did smoke cigarettes I knew I had stuff I needed addressed. It was like a 4 or 5 appointment thing that I went through at the end of Michelle trying to go live with her cousin. Its why I quoted the bible my Dad made to much money for coke heads to treat me like that with the intranet and their guns.

Michelle is starting a dental process in Aug. Its going to take 4 appointments for him to fix her up. We are both on prescription fluoride now. My thing I have coming up is in August I made an optometrist appointment. A small percentage of the time I feel like my prescription needs adjusted. This next pair I am going to wear everyday. I am not getting big glasses. I am going for sophisticated this pair. We don't have vision or dental insurance. Its one of the key things about talking about debt and marriage. We would not be able to pay to go to the optometrist or Michelle get her cavities fixed if we had to pay for it on our own.

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