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We Street Credit Union, Methodose L.L.C. 6/28/2024

We have until September of filing the 4 way ownership of the Tax exempt Methodose L.L.C. We will have to file a Partnership agreement at the bank that any money our band makes doing work together will be split equally four ways. We have to file the 25% per member ownership with the State before we can give the bank a signed document from the four of us on a Business Letterhead that when we make money it will be split four ways and by doing this when we get to the point where we make enough money where it matters to the I.R.S. it will affect Eric, Jed, Delaney, and Evan's taxes.

That is basically what happens before we can have an official bank account for our L.L.C. When I was in Intro Business at TCC and I decided I was going to do Berklee Online I only took one business class but I really thought it would be smart to do this. As far as who they all have kids and its justified to do this to where it would matter to the IRS.

Eric Johnson

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